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One thing can be said about the life of a location scout:

I never know where it’s going to take me. And that’s exactly what I love about it.

It's not just finding a location; it's about understanding the script and the vision of the project.

What keeps me focused is the adventure and diversity of the job, the lack of predictability, the potential for bringing a script to life with every new location.

I’ve been chased off a property by a guy with a gun in a rusty pickup in the back woods of the northwest and driven the edge of a 1,500 foot cliff in the Moab desert.

I’ve scouted by plane for the perfect dock and climbed through forgotten underground rooms in search of the ultimate crypt. 

It’s never less than challenging and it’s always an journey. There’s always someone new to meet, the need for a fresh perspective, and a story in search of the right location to bring it to life. I’ve been matching stories with locations since 1987, and I still get a rush every time.

So whatever script you have in hand or story you need to tell, I’d love to help you find it’s place to shine. Take a look around and learn more about how I work, or get in touch to talk details, dates, and rates.


All the best,


Craig Stewart

Location Manager | Scout

Escort Aix