Terms of Use and Location Fee Policy 

All locations supplied by Craig Stewart Locations are available on a per shoot agreement. You agree that you will not share, sell, transfer or disclose any information regarding locations provided or any others scouted for this project by Craig Stewart Locations or the site’s content to third parties or for any unauthorized purpose. Under no circumstances are the production company, crew, or subcontractors allowed to return to these locations for production purposes without contacting Craig Stewart Locations to initiate contact, schedule and negotiate location and service fees.

The booking fee is $700 per location chosen from Craig Stewart Locations library.

The location fee is separate and varies per location depending on the project size and scope.

An additional day rate of $700 and $50 kit fee per day, upon agreement with the production company, may apply for scheduling, coordinating, scouting, or managing locations. Cancelation fees may apply once the production company engages either Craig Stewart Locations or a location. Fees will vary based on work performed by Craig Stewart Locations. Negotiated location fees for all locations may apply if cancelled without 24 hours notice. Payment to the location is due upon the first prep or shoot day. An 'Additionally insured' certificate of insurance must be processed and delivered before work begins as well. 

Disclaimer: The images on Craig Stewart Locations, LLC may not represent the location in its current state. A tech scout is recommended, as Craig Stewart Locations, LLC is not responsible for discrepancies about location conditions. Locations are not cleared for filming this current project until a location contract is signed and a certificate of additional insurance naming the property is in place and all permits are acquired.                 *Please list Craig Stewart as the location contact on the call sheet.

Escort Aix